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    An experimental editorial shooting that captures the feelings of the song “Hodl on” by Dennis Lloyd through the magic of the photos, captured in a family ranch near Milan Styling & Art Direction : Teodora Spiridonova Share this… Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Whatsapp Email

  • Style with me

    Style with me

    Cold weather, sweaters, hot tea… You’re still just not in the mood for all that? Don’t worry, me either With a bit of nostalgia, I present you three summer styling decisions to warm up if not our bodies, at least our minds Tedunche Share this… Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Whatsapp Email

  • What’s your label?

    What’s your label?

    “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a well known cliché that we keep hearing all the time. And I somehow agree with it. Because I choose the book by its title. Let’s imagine a reality where people have titles. Sort of labeling, yes, but with the difference that it would be publicly accepted.…

  • Life in analog

    Life in analog

    I’ve recently read a book that talked about the making of the perfect hand luggage. What has that in common with the publication? It’s the fact that I’d definitely put a film camera in mine. Spontaneous feeling, a bit of old-fashioned spirit and a pinch of magic. The analog makes you think. The pictures become…

  • Style with me

    Style with me

    Come style with me the iconic Chanel jacket: Chanel’s work was a continuous improvement that didn’t depend from the project made before, but from the need of finding the perfect adaptation of the dress to the figure it should’ve belonged to. And every piece was a true design object designed to meet the movements of…

  • Milan’s neighborhood

    Milan’s neighborhood

    11 photos of Milan you didn’t expected. What’s not happening in “Chiesa Rossa”. And what maybe happened. Come to look through my lense Tedunche Share this… Facebook Pinterest Linkedin Whatsapp Email

  • Playground


    What do you see while looking through the lens of a camera? Reality? Escape? Art? Illusion? Taking a picture is a personal act. It’s the connection between us and our inner reality. We all take pictures as a symbol of our perspective, of our point of view. A lot of my inspiration comes from the…

  • Vladi


    Modest and super talented. With Vladi I had one of the longest interviews – honest and friendly conversation. We discussed all the questions, plus many other topics, like the weirdest client’s ideas for a coffee painting he has received ( and I have to say that the people have imagination… ) Will try to not…

  • Ehlie


    You’re out of makeup ideas and you’re searching for some inspiration? ( even if you’re a makeup guru like her ) Just keep reading. Today I have the pleasure to present you the powerful Ehlie, who is a NYC makeup artist. Charming, interesting and professional – that’s the description I’d choose for her. New beginnings,…

  • Daria


    If you’re looking for a feminine artistic inspiration, is the Instagram place for you! This talented cutie,spreads smiles and positivity. Fashionista talk, mixed with creative chaos… Keep reading : What you’ve learned, from being in the fashion industry?– Although I’ve been there for a while, I think I’m still learning not to look up…

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